We believe testimonials from two of our 2015 scholarship recipients offer the most compelling reasons to support To the Top:

Throughout life I have often struggled socially and have felt as if I don't really have a social group, but by creating life long friends through this program, I know that no matter where I am or how far away they are, I am ALWAYS a part of the Apogee family. I also gained the confidence to join my high school cross-country team, where I feel that I have finally found my place in school. My world has been completely changed-for the better - and I really can't thank Apogee or the To The Top Foundation enough. ­ - Coast to Quebec Participant

My trip leaders truly believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. I learned that internal challenges make you just as strong as physical ones. Now when I have something big to do, I remember the trip and know I can do it. This year, after learning this about myself, I had the confidence in school to attempt harder classes, many of them filled with upper-classman. Knowing I could meet the challenge has made me happier and more successful.  - Vermont to Montreal Participant

To the Top scholarships make it possible for children who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford these life-changing experiences. We hope you’ll join us in helping to provide thirty (or more!) kids an opportunity of a lifetime - one that will positively impact them and their communities for years to come.


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